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Stepper motor
stepper motor supplier & manufacturer

First: Commitment to product quality:

1), There are quality records and inspection data for manufacturing and testing of products.

2), As for product performance testing, we sincerely invite our customers to visit the product’s whole process, all performance checking. All products need  confirming to be qualified before packing shipments.


Second, Commitment to the price:

1), in order to ensure high reliability and advanced systems, we only choose  domestic and international high-quality & brand-name component materials to make products.

2), under the same competitive conditions & without reducing product performance, our company changes some of components at the expense of good faith in the most favorable price to customer’s party.


Third, Commitment to leading time:

1), Leading time: We try to arrange delivery within requested date, any special requirements, if the products needs to be finished ahead of schedule, our company can make particular organization of production, installation, to strive to meet customer needs.

2), When arrange shipment, we will provide the following documents to clients;

a, Technical Maintenance Manual

b, The General Plan

c, manual for purchased products and their manufacturers

d, Suppy wearing & spare parts list, also offer a certain extra amount of spare parts



Fourth,  commitment to after sales service

Purpose to service: rapid, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough

Goal for service: Super service to win customer  satisfaction

3, Efficiency of service: Within or out of the warranty period, such as equipment failure, After gettingnotification, our company will despatch engineers to reach the scene and begin repairs within 24 hours for dometic customers.

4, Principle for service: offer product warranty period of 12months, during this time, any damages or problems, our company will offer free change or send new one products. Out of warranty period, any damage of components, we only charge its cost for repairing, if it is Man-made failures for products, we only charge some reparing fees.

Out of warranty period, our technical staff will contact and investigate customer’s usage of products more than three times each year.


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