Pan Tilt

2020-08-26 18:49:19

  2B Security is the market leader in pan/tilt solutions, we can offer you a wide range of units with advanced features like continuous rotation, built-in RS-485/422 interface, Pelco D/P protocol, absolute position support, Pelco extended protocol, position feedback, slow and high speed control for long range applications, high precision, variable speed control.

  Heavy duty pan/tilt design made for harsh enviroment IP66/IP68, made of high grade stainless steel or high quality painted aluminum with stainless fittings.

  The most important specification when selecting the right unit is the load capacity, control features, the over all quality and the IP rating. The load capacity should not be underestimated as the unit also need to operate in all weather conditions where the wind also influence on the load factor.

Wantai Motor offers products at below:

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Brushless DC Motor driver 

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Closed loop stepper motor driver 

Stepping motor driver, step motor driver

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Brake motor

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2 phases stepper motor

3 phases stepper motor 

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